Hungry Tigers Recipe Book

AUBURN, Ala. (WXTX) - A group of Auburn women are being recognized by the City of Auburn for their efforts to fund cancer research. The women call themselves the Hungry Tigers. Their love for cooking has yielded a cookbook, and the book's proceeds are touching lives, even one of their own.

Any excuse for the group of friends to cook is a good one. "It doesn't take much for us to celebrate," Grace Jones, a member said. A entire group of eight friends even meet every Monday at Panera to celebrate life. "Just to celebrate friendships and love and everything," Betsy Judkins said.

Recently they've been celebrating the life of a dear friend. "They've done all they can do. I quit chemo several months ago," said Grace Jones. She is suffering from ovarian cancer. "These last months have just been a pure joy with these ladies. You can imagine, these friends have kept me alive, and I do believe that because it would have been easy to give up, but they have been there for me," she said.

It was Grace's condition that gave Betsy Judkins an idea one Monday morning while talking with friends. "One day I said why don't we write a cookbook, because we all love to cook, and I said we could give the proceeds to cancer research and everybody said that would be great," said Judkins.

The cookbook called "Auburn Celebrates Life with Friends and Family," has raised about $30,000 dollars for ovarian cancer research. The Mayor of Auburn declared Wednesday, July 1st: Hungry Tiger Day in honor of the women. "It's amazing how it has just grown, we sold the cookbooks without any effort, people just bought them right and left," Dean Hays Elam said.

"Lots of people have talked about how they love the recipe, and 'I wouldn't have put so much sour cream in it' or something like that," Emily Sparrow said.

Through good times and bad, their recipe for a good friendship has always served them well. "We have not let anything come between all of our love and friendship. We just remain very close dear friends," Judkins said.