AL Unemployed Get More Job Training

Press Release

MONTGOMERY - Alabama workers who have recently lost their jobs and are seeking employment may be getting some help thanks to a $1.3 million grant awarded by Governor Bob Riley.

Governor Riley directed the funding to be used by the Alabama Department of Postsecondary Education to provide job skill training to recently displaced workers. The grant was made with money the state received from the federal stimulus law.

"There are many Alabamians who need help in this down economy.  The training funded with this grant will help some of them who have lost their jobs recently to learn new skills and, hopefully, reenter the workforce as quickly as possible," said Governor Riley.

Eligible recipients are workers who have been displaced within the last six months and whose former employer received assistance through the state's Rapid Response Team. The team provides on-site assistance for employees when companies announce closings or workforce reductions.

The training will be provided by the state's two-year college system and private training institutions which have met state qualifications.

Those seeking assistance should contact their local Career Center or they may call 877-US2-JOBS.  A list of local Career Centers and their phone numbers can be found online at

Governor Riley notified Joan Davis, interim chancellor of the Post Secondary system, that the funding has been approved.  The grant is being administered by the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs.