Sex Party Goes Wrong

CHAMBERS COUNTY, Ala (WXTX) - Thursday night, a LaFayette man told detectives, a woman lured him to a rural road by promising him sex for money. Instead, detectives say he was forced to strip, robbed and shot in the arm.

Investigators say 21-year old Danielle Rambo was the getaway driver and the mastermind of a pay for sex meeting that turned into a robbery and assault.

"She was the one who put this whole thing together," said Chambers County Detective Richard Carter.

Detectives say it all began when Rambo met a Lafayette man and began texting back and forth. Detectives believe the victim thought he was going to pay her for sex and arranged a meeting.

"That's what we believe she had enticed him to meet with her on the pretense of having sex and possibly paying for it," he said.

Detectives say Rambo and 20-year old Rockeila Boyd lured the victim and his friend out to a dirt road. 21-Year old Maurrice Alvies was hiding in the backseat of Rambo's car.

When they got to the dirt road the black male jumped out from where he was hiding and robbed the victim at gunpoint. The victim was forced to take off his pants and the suspect grabbed his pants and ran back to the car and as he was running he turned back around and fired two rounds at the victim hitting him once in the arm," he said.

Despite being shot in the arm and dressed in only his underwear, the victim began chasing the suspects while his friend called 911. Lafayette police took over the high speed case along Highway 431. Carter says when Rambo rammed the officers car, she was the one who lost control.

All three were arrested and charged with first degree robbery and assault. They are behind bars in Chambers county.