Hosting a Successful Yard Sale

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) -Most people could use some extra cash, and probably more room in your house or garage. Consider hosting a yard sale.

There are many excuses not to have one, like, "It's too much work and takes too much too much time." Or maybe, "I'd rather give the stuff away!"

But there are ways to host a make hosting a yard sale a whole lot easier so you can maximize your profits and still have something left to give to your favorite charity.

(A)DVERTISE - Advertise on the web, through emails, newspaper classifieds, bulletin boards and put signs street corners-sturdy, easy to read signs with arrows pointing to your sale.

(B)AGS-BAGS-BAGS - Have lots of bags and newspaper and bubble wrap on hand.

(C)ASH - Start with lots of small bills and change. People will use $20 bills for $1 items.

(D)ATE - Dates and times are important. Remember, most people get paid at the first of the month or bi-weekly. Avoid busy holiday travel weekends. Also, if you're having a summer sale, start early and end early. No one wants to shop in the heat.

(E)ARLY BIRDS - People will come at least an hour before your advertised time. Some may even stop by the day before the sale when you are setting up.

(F)UN - That's right, have fun. Meet new people. Daydream. Think of the things you will do with all that money you make.

(G)ARAGE SALE, YARD SALE, MOVING SALE, MULTY-FAMILY SALE, ESTATE SALE - Call it what you want. Just remember, an Estate Sale usually denotes that someone has died or is terminally ill and all his or her worldly belongings are being sold.

(H)ELP - Find friends or family members willing to help.  Let them help you price things, drag out tables, fold and hang clothes, and hang your sale signs. It's too much for one person. The day of the sale, designate a cashier and a bagger.

(I)MAGE - Display everything for sale on tables and racks, etc... and wipe off dust and dirt. Things will sell better that way and people won't think you're a dirty slob.

(J)UGGLE - Get ready to juggle. You may have to answer questions, barter, bag and cashier all at the same time.

(K)IDS - Let your kids do a little work and earn money from their sales. If it's hot, let them set up a lemonade or drink stand. During the colder months, consider a coffee and hot chocolate stand.

(L)ET GO - If you don't use it, then lose it. Be willing to bargain on prices.

(M)OVE - Move some of your stuff out into your drive or in front of the house. If people don't see stuff, they may drive away.

(N)ICE - Be nice, even when you don't feel like it. Some people will test your nerves. People who own resale shops may stop by earlier than advertised so they can check out your wares first. Some will ask you to come way down on your prices so they can make the profit. If you want, sell to them. If not, tell them you have the whole day ahead and you'd like to at least try to get your asking price.

(O)FFERS - Always consider offers, especially on items that are not getting a lot of attention.

(P)RICES - I suggest pricing at about ten percent of an item's original retail value. If  something is new, ask for 50 to 75 percent. Your best bet is to bulk price all like  items.  Books, for instance, 50 cents for paperbacks, $1 for hardbacks.

(Q)UESTION - Ask shoppers if they are looking for anything particular. Just don't badger anyone. I like to be left alone when I shop.

(R)EMOVE - Remove all personal information from magazine covers, pockets and purses. You don't need to share your name, address, pictures, etc... with strangers.

(S)SAVE SALE ADS - If you have a higher-end, popular item that is often advertised, clip the ad and tape it to the item so the buyer can see how much they'd have to pay if they bought it retail.

(T)RADE - I've never been asked to trade items, but that's something you might consider.

(U)SED - If you have items that are very used, broken or dented,  put them in a box marked "free" and let people take what they want.

(V)IEW - Make sure your sale is viewable from the street. If your sale is inside, make sure people can see your signs out front and at the corners of your street.

(W)EATHER - Get a weather update from If the weather forecast is iffy, plan a rain date.

(X) - The second day of the sale, consider marking down some of your harder to sell items by placing an "x" through your price tags. Post a sign that says: 50% off on items with an "x"

(Y)ARD - If people are going to be walking through your yard, make sure there is nothing they can trip on or step in (you know what I mean). Get out the scoop.

(Z)zzzz - Get some zzzz's the night before the sale. You'll need your energy. Get more zzz's after the sale. You deserve it.