Year Round School Begins Again

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - While most kids are right in the middle of their summer vacation, some Muscogee County students start their school year today. Georgetown Elementary and Rigdon Road Elementary are the area's only year round schools and in our education watch, Fox 54 spent the first day back at school.

Even though it's the middle of July, the halls of Georgetown Elementary School are busy with students starting their new school year.

Second grader Jasmine Tatum said, "I'm really glad to be back. It feels great because I like school."

Georgetown Elementary School Principal, Dr. LaVerne Brown told Fox 54, "The children who have been here a while have gotten used to the routine. We don't hear a whole lot of complaints. They know they have a little time for a break to refresh themselves then they come back, ready to learn so we've started off a good year."

The traditional school calendar has nearly two months for summer vacation, but these students don't have that long of a break.

"The kids get out on June 5th and they returned today. They have about four or four and a half weeks, according to the calendar, but they have four weeks to relax and they're back at work again," Dr. Brown said.

Even though their summer is shorter, students still managed to squeeze in some fun. Jasmine said, "I went to my grandma's and I swam."

Second grader, Jalissa Scott added, "For my days out of school, sometimes I did a lot of shopping, sometimes I go swimming and sometimes I spend the night with my friends."

Doctor Brown thinks the year round schedule helps the children in the long run, "The advantages of year round is the fact that the children don't have time to forget what they just learned. We don't spend a lot of time on remediation because they've just gotten out of school. So they come right back in, ready to learn so we can continue to move forward."

Georgetown Elementary School students will have their fall break beginning September 14th, then it's back to work in October.

Muscogee County Schools on a traditional calendar start school August 6th.