Council Holds Off on Crime Prevention Director

By Lindsey Connell - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  A new high-level position will soon be up for grabs in Columbus.

The city council heard a new ordinance Tuesday establishing the director role for the Office of Crime Prevention.

The brand new city office is in the works.

"This is something that I promised the citizens of Columbus, Georgia that we were going to do- hire a crime prevention director, a director that's going to be able to work with all of our public safety leaders and the leaders in our community," said Mayor Jim Wetherington.

The Mayor says the director would make around $60,000 a year.

But council members still have some questions about the job and office, voting to delay the ordinance from moving forward.

"It seems as though before we establish a whole new department with a director and staff, we should probably wade into the water before we jump in," said Councilor Gary Allen.

The Mayor wants the job filled so that those concerns can be addressed.

He says once there's a director in place that would report to him, then they can starting laying out the groundwork for the brand new office.

"I come from that background when you violate the law, you pay. We've filled up our prisons and jails and we want to get those people off the street but I want to do something to prevent crime whether it's through recreation, creation of jobs, education. Those are the real areas I want to concentrate on and I need this director to help me with that," he added.

Columbus Council voted to keep the ordinance on first reading at their next meeting on July 28th.

Ordinances have first readings and second readings before members vote.

The mayor's office is also putting together a presentation on the Office of Crime Prevention and its director.

That will be presented to council at their request so they can better understand what the job involves at the July 28th meeting .