17 Muscogee schools did not meet AYP

Press Release

39 Schools Meet All AYP Criteria

COLUMBUS, GA - The Muscogee County School District (MCSD) continues to make strides despite preliminary results of the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP).  While the preliminary data shows the district still faces some challenges, there is good news!  Thirty-nine schools met all AYP critieria and the most encouraging results show a steady increase in the graduation rate, which increased by about 3-%.

In 2008, the Muscogee County School District's graduation rate was seventy-six-point one percent (76.1 percent), surpassing the state Graduation Rate of seventy-five-point- four percent (75.4%).  That trend continues in 2009, as the initial MCSD graduation rate increased to seventy-nine percent (79%).  The initial state average is seventy-seven- point- eight (77.8%) percent.

According to the preliminary AYP results from the Georgia Department of Education, 17 MCSD schools did not make AYP.

Schools That Did Not Make AYP:

Elementary Schools:
Brewer Elementary
Forrest Road Elementary
Fox Elementary
Hannan Elementary
Lonnie Jackson Academy
River Road Elementary School
South Columbus Elementary School

Middle Schools:
Baker Middle School
Double Churches Middle School
Eddy Middle School
Rothschild Middle School

High Schools:
Carver High School
Hardaway High School
Jordan Vocational High School
Kendrick High School
Shaw High School
Spencer High School

"It is evident from the data that we have to increase our focus," said Superintendent, Dr. Susan Andrews.  "There is still a lot of work to be done."

While making AYP is a challenge, the district is experiencing a steady increase in the performance of students overall.  Two schools, Richards Middle School and Fort Middle School are no longer in Needs Improvement (NI) status in 2009.

Although Brewer Elementary, Forrest Road Elementary, Hannan Elementary, Forrest Road Elementary, Hardaway High, Lonnie Jackson Academy, River Road Elementary, Rothschild Middle, and South Columbus did not make AYP in 2009, these schools are not in NI.  A school must not meet AYP for two consecutive years to become an NI school.  As a result, these schools do not have to offer Choice or Supplemental Education Service (SES).

Under No Child Left Behind, Title I schools, Carver High, Jordan High, Spencer High, Eddy Middle, and Marshall Middle have sent letters to parents offering Choice Transfers with transportation.  This week, the MCSD will notify parents of students assigned to Baker Middle School and Kendrick High School of the option to request Choice Transfers, or request SES.  The AYP report shows Kendrick High School did not meet all criteria for making adequate yearly progress.  Kendrick did meet the requirement that ninety-five percent (95%) of its eligible students participate in both the math portion and the English/Language Arts portion of the Georgia High School Graduation Tests (GHSGT).

"We are proud that Kendrick also met the academic performance criteria in all subgroups for both Math and English/Language Arts," said Harriet Steed, Director of Title I.   "However, Kendrick did not meet the criteria for the second indicator of graduation rate.   The requirement is that seventy-five percent (75%) of all students must graduate.   The graduation rate for Kendrick High School in 2009 was sixty-three-point-six percent (63.6%)," said Steed.

Although the final graduation rate has yet to be calculated, the requirement for passing the Second Indicator, Graduation Rate, begins in 9th grade.  Schools must count any student that dropped out of high school from grades nine (9) to twelve (12) as non-graduates.  They may not count students who finished high school with a Special Education Diploma or Certificate of Performance.

"Our goal is to continue to increase the percentage of students receiving a high school diploma," stated Andrews.

Kendrick will be a Title I school in 2009-2010.  MCSD will provide transportation to the choice school and Title I funds will pay for it.   If a request for a school choice transfer is approved, and Kendrick is later removed from the NI list, parents may apply to have their child remain at the choice school, but transportation will no longer be provided by the district.  SES includes tutoring for students, which is provided by state approved providers.  One Non-Title I school, Double Churches Middle, is in NI-3 and will offer Choice transfers without transportation.

"There are many indicators, which play into whether or not a school makes AYP," said Andrews.  "We will continue to expect all schools will make AYP and all of our children will receive a high-quality education using all the resources available."

Title I funds are used to provide schools with the additional support and training needed to reach AYP goals, and supplemental education services for the students.  Preliminary AYP data will be used to help prepare educators to work diligently and more effectively with students for the 2009-2010 school year.

For more information check out www.mcsdga.net for more information.