Unemployed Head Back to School

By Andrew Wittenberg  - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Another month, another record high for Georgia when it comes to the number of people out of work.

More than 200,000 Georgians lost jobs in June and most are looking for ways in this tough economy to make ends meet.

As the job market changes, some are finding their only option is to try and change with it, by heading back to school.

Jamie Loyd, VP of economic development at Columbus Tech says it's always a good time to continue your education.

"We have, like many other areas, experienced our own number of layoffs and job declines, but we see a lot of growth coming with the automotive manufacturing sector, also with the BRAC expansion," Loyd said.

Which makes this month's unemployment figures easier to bear.

Loyd says if you are out of work, now is the time to enhance your skills, especially with new growth on the horizon.

"Programs like culinary, hospitality, those are going to be high demand occupations and it would behoove our local residents to take advantage of those training programs now, to get ahead of the curve," Loyd said.

There are programs available at Columbus Technical College.

Loyd insists it's not just about furthering your education, but about increasing your chance of landing that perfect job.

"Anything individuals can do to add to their resume, to their skill sets, to sharpen current skills, would just make them a better candidate and more competitive," Loyd said.