Hurtsboro Resident Wants Mayor Arrested

By Lindsey Connell - bio | email | Twitter

HURTSBORO, AL (WTVM) -  "We have a terrible mess here in Hurtsboro and it's not getting any better."

Robert Schweiger won't give up in his quest to see how his town has been spending taxpayer dollars.

He's calling for Hurtsboro's Mayor Rayford Tapley to be arrested for not letting him see the finances.

"I wanted to have a warrant sworn out for Mister Tapley for obstruction of justice for not honoring the open records that I sought," Schweiger said.

Schweiger says he and other Hurtsboro residents have asked for the paperwork for years, even before Tapley took office and have yet to be granted access.

"I was allowed to go before the town council but I was unsuccessful in securing any access to any records. There has to be something wrong here or they wouldn't be so adamant about concealing the records," he added.

News Leader 9 also filed a request last year for access to the town's financial records.

The mayor says the reason our request hasn't been granted is because all of Hurtsboro's finances from 2003- 2008 are currently being audited- something he said would be done back in February.

As for Bob Schweiger, his request for an arrest warrant was denied today but he says there's nothing that will stand in his way.

"I'm going to keep trying to get to the bottom of this mess because the citizens of Hurtsboro are suffering and so it's time we get this thing cleaned up," he said.

Ben Vance, the Columbus CPA looking into Hurtsboro's finances says his audit should take another 90 days.

Schweiger's says he is going back to the Sheriff's Office Thursday to file a criminal complaint versus a civil one.

We'll keep you updated.