What's their secret: School systems make AYP

By Laurie Bernstein - bio | email | Twitter

WEST GEORGIA (WTVM) - Three small, rural school systems rising above all the others, with every single school in their districts passing AYP.

So how did Schley, Marion and Harris County School Systems do it?

For Schley County Superintendent Larry Stubbs, it's starts with the dedication of their faculty.

"They work hard, give up their time to remediate students in afternoon. A lot of the time, there is no money involved...they are just trying to get students stay caught up. Now it's a reflection on teachers as well, depending on how their students do on the exam," said Stubbs.

The kids obviously get some of the credit too, giving up their own time, going to extra study sessions instead of P.E. class...all so they don't fall behind the curve.

"I often say it's like falling off a truck. You fall, you get hurt, but then you not only have to get well enough to run, you got to run to catch up with the truck that hasn't stopped," said Stubbs.

Marion County had to make up that lost ground this year...the high school there failed AYP in 2008.

Their students, though, worked twice as hard to overcome the setback.

The entire town rallied around their efforts, and this year, they are back on top.

"Students everywhere can learn and accomplish anything they put their minds to. They have a real positive attitude, they enjoy school and want to make high grades on the test," said Ricky McCorkle, the Marion County Superintendent.

No one plans on resting on their laurels, though.

The bar will raise about 7% next year, so all these schools will be working just as hard to preserve their success.