Judge dismisses lawsuit of soldier challenging Obama's citizenship

By Laurie Bernstein - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Army reservist Major Stefan Cook says he shouldn't have to deploy to Afghanistan, because he does not believe President Obama is a natural born citizen, and therefore, shouldn't be Commander-in-Chief

The Army has already revoked his orders to deploy, but all parties still went to court in Columbus Thursday.

Major Cook and his lawyer hoped for a ruling on if President Obama is fit to serve, but Judge Land didn't even let it get that far, saying they lacked standing to bring the case to court.

Orly Taitz, who was representing Cook at the hearing, attacked the decision to dismiss their case afterwards, saying both the courts and the military refuse to deal with what she calls the most important issue this country faces.

"They made a joke out of the U.S. military. Instead of addressing the issue of legitamacy of Barak Hussein Obama and if indeed he is a natural born citizen, they would rather cave in and revoke the orders," said Taitz.

In court, military lawyers said if Major Cook didn't want to serve, they didn't want him there, and called the lawsuit "political grandstanding."

They say they were shocked at hearing about the impending legal case, because Cook had volunteered to serve in May 2009, five months after Obama became president.

"At that time, it really didn't occur to me that it would be germane to my deployment, but as it got closer, I thought, "I now will be going into harms' way,  and I need to verify for sure the orders I'm following are lawful orders," said Major Cook.

Cook is one of hundreds of service members represented by Taitz, all planning on filing similar lawsuits questioning President Obama's status as Commander-in-Chief.

"I am more than happy, ready and willing to deploy, do my duty in Afghanistan, but only under lawful legal orders," said Major Cook.

"We are not a 'Banana Republic' where 'El Presidente' decides. We are a nation of law and order, and the constitution says the president has to be natural-born citizen," said Taitz.

With Judge Land's motion to dismiss the case, Cook's lawyers plan on appealing, hoping the Supreme Court will eventually take up the issue of President Obama's natural-born citizenship status.