Getting to Know Barbara Gauthier

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - She may be the newest member to the WTVM anchor desk, and you watch Barbara Gauthier everyday, right here on Channel Nine. When she first joined our team we introduced you to her and her family, but now she shares a few extra facts about her life in "Getting to Know Barbara".

We see her at the anchor desk everyday at WTVM, but many people are surprised when they see Barbara in person.

She said, "That's the first thing they say - that I'm so short. I'm 5'3'' and I always wear heels. My son, who is 14 and probably the shortest kid in his class, always says -- "Mom, I'm taller than you". They always say I look smaller because as we know, the camera adds ten pounds, but I say the camera adds 20 pounds. The ten the camera adds and the ten I need to lose, so T.V. adds 20 pounds. So, they say that, and younger.... Okay they don't say that, but I always hope they do."

This mother of two may try to stand tall, but one insect makes her shrink in fear, "There's something about a wasp with the big stinger on its back and the noise it makes. Its scary. When I was a little girl staying with my aunt in Waverly Hall, Georgia, they were cleaning out a back house and a bunch of wasps flew out and I got four or five stings in my face. So that contributes to my fear. I think I have more reason than some other folks."

Her latest encounter with the flying pest came just a few weeks ago when there was no one in her home to help her kill it, "I jumped up on the vanity chair and tried to swat at it, and I got it, but then the chair gave way, flipped over and my leg went through the metal part. It was horrible. It was the worst scrape or cut I think I've ever gotten."

Although she hasn't managed to conquer her fear, Barbara has had no trouble conquering the world with the famous traveling group Up With People.

She recalled, "They came to Waverly Hall to do a show and wherever they go they audition people to join the cast the following year. So everybody knew I sang and told me I had to audition and I wasn't thrilled about it but I auditioned and I got accepted. I decided to go and it was the best decision I've made in my life because it got me out of Waverly Hall and it showed me so many other things in the world. We traveled around the world, stayed with host families. You perform the shows in every city you go. It's more of a learning experience than an entertainment experience."

She may have traveled the world and tasted all kinds of cuisine, but her heart lies with good southern food. Barbara and her husband actually own a "Wing Stop" franchise out of Atlanta and she claims it to have the best wings in the world.