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Michael Registe Back on US Soil

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - After eleven months in a jail cell on the island of St. Maarten, accused double murderer Michael Jason Registe finally returned back to America.

He landed at the Columbus Airport just after 5:30 Thursday, along with the FBI agents as well as one Columbus police detective that were on the plane with him.

Registe was sporting a beard, and a brown prison jumpsuit, as he was escorted to the police cars waiting.

He was taken to the Muscogee County Jail, where he will remain until his arraignment hearing.

Police Chief Ricky Boren says most of the evidence against him will come out at that time, but no date has been set.

In order to get the Netherlands to approve the extradition, police and the district attorney had to take the death penalty off the table.

Chief Boren shocked many at a press conference after Registe's return when he said he was not sure if they would keep the death penalty off the table.

It remains to be seen what happens in the coming weeks, but the Prosecuting Attorney's Council of Georgia will be handling the remainder of Registe's case.


Registe is wanted for his alleged participation in a double murder that took place July 20, 2007. The men, Brian Kilgore and Randy Newton, were shot execution style at the Cross Creek Apartments on Steam Mill Road.

Registe is also wanted on an unrelated charge of aggravated assault that occurred in 2005. The victim in that shooting survived but was severely wounded.

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