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Two Columbus home invasions may be linked

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It's clean up time for Tammie Banks--she is trying to fix the door at her Milledge Court home that armed robbers kicked in early Thursday morning.

"Around 5 AM, I heard a loud noise and I thought it was a really loud knock. I was coming out of my room and in the hallway, there was a guy standing in the doorway. He actually pointed a gun towards me," said Banks.

With her dog barking outside, Banks turned around and went to her room to call 911.

The robbers worked quickly, threatening to shoot her son and nephew if they didn't give up their Nintendo Wii and a laptop.

"I was frightened and concerned for the safety of my son and nephew who were there beside them," said Banks.

After they stole what they came for, Banks says they left in a small dark colored car.

It fits the description of a 2007 black Kia Optima that was stolen from a home on Montclair Court just four hours earlier.

Police say two men stormed the house with a gun around 1:20 AM, and took several items from the home, including the keys to the Kia.

It's the one piece of evidence that police have possibly linking the two home invasions.

No one knows who the men are, but Banks says she is happy no one was hurt.

"I'm glad even though they had a weapon, they didn't fire it on the two children or me when I was walking up," said Banks.

For the first home invasion, the suspects were described as two black males in their 20's, one 5'11 with a white bandana, the other 5'7, medium build, wearing a baseball hat, shorts and a white shirt, with a do-rag.

If you have any information, call Columbus Police at 706-653-3400.

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