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Sites You Can Use - Cooking Sites

Lily Wu enjoys cooking, but she's not the type to plan a 7-day menu for her family.

"I am not organized enough to plan everything a week in advance," Wu said.

She's exactly the kind of person several new cooking websites are designed for. When she wants to make a meal, she just has to log on, input the ingredients she has to work with, and voila - she'll be fed several options.

"Pretty much any combination you can think of, at least some recipes will pop up, or if there's nothing you can make right this second, it'll at least tell you what recipes are close to those ingredients," said Tim Lang of

There's,,, and more. They use search engines to find you recipes from all over the web. Each site offers different options. for example, on supercook, if you open an account it can also do things like keep track of what's in your kitchen and it can make custom suggestions for you on what other ingredients to buy.

Wu likes because she can also input ingredients she doesn't want to use.

"That's very useful for me because sometimes you have someone with allergies or is picky," she said.

Not a super chef? You don't have to be. The recipes you typically get are easy to follow. A great cook - then it's time to expand your options.

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