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Universities, colleges get ready for furloughs

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Going back to school this fall, your college student might not see any differences in their education.

Their professors, though, are certainly going to feel it, with state budget cuts forcing universities to furlough employees for three days.

Columbus State has already announced their decision before next week's Board of Regents meeting.

"What format that will take, what level of cut-off there will be, there are a lot of specifics still to be decided. Some answers we hope to get next week, but the ultimate goal is no reduction in classroom time, so there won't be any impact on students," said Jon Lester of Columbus State University.

Columbus Tech has also decided to furlough their instructors.

They already are on a four-day-a-week, ten-hour-a-day schedule, so for one week in August, September and October, employees will only work eight hours a day.

"Our president really wanted to get this done before the holiday season, because when you take eight hours in one chunk, it will be felt, especially for employees who don't make much money," said Cheryl Myers of Columbus Tech.

With both schools growing by leaps and bounds, it will be hard to shuffle around class schedules and teacher commitment to students.

Like everyone else in the state, they have to do their part.

"There is a delicate balance between excitement over the future while trying hard to stay true to the budget," said Lester.

"Hopefully this is it. The bandage has been ripped off, and we won't have to do it anymore," said Myers.

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