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MCSD Enrollment

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It's the first day of school and the hallways of Muscogee County Schools are once again bustling with activity. This year students had the option to transfer to the school of their choice, and as News Leader Nine found out, for some schools, more students, means more problems to work out.

32,500. That's the tentative number of students entering Muscogee County schools Thursday morning.

Valerie Fuller with the Muscogee County School District said, "We're still registering students, we still have newcomers to the area. We do have some schools that may not be assigned based on the July 31st "No Child Left Behind" so we're still processing requests at this time."

Hardaway and Northside High Schools saw the biggest jump in enrollment after being named a recipient school for transfers.

"Hardaway is recording 1,600 students. Northside has 1,500. That's not the final count, but those are the numbers today," said Fuller.

School officials added portables and changed the lunch schedule, but can they really accommodate *that* many kids? Fuller says yes, "The principals and administration have worked diligently throughout the summer to get the portables in place and make sure there is space and room to support learning as well as eating throughout the day."

Even after the first full week of school is over, Fuller says the district will continue to add to that number for all schools, "We're still processing "No Child Left Behind" requests because the deadline was July 31st for people who got their applications in at the last minute, those are the requests we're working on now."

With a lot of students being shuffled around schools, we asked if the school system would add teachers. Fuller says the maximum class size is 32, and so far that hasn't been reached, but if it does, more teachers for the area might be hired.

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