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Columbus Family Remembers Eunice Kennedy Shriver

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - She was the sister of a President and two U.S. Senators, but Eunice Kennedy Shriver may be best remembered as the founder of Special Olympics. She died Tuesday morning at the age of 88 and although she is gone, many say her legacy will live on.

As Fox 54 found out, the news of Shriver's death touched one family in Columbus.

The Sieg family's son Scott participates in the Special Olympics. He was sorry to hear the news, "I'm sorry that she died."

"It's sort of a disaster for ourselves. She was a legacy," said Frederic Sieg. His wife, Connie added, "I was sad when I heard she was hospitalized. We saw her at the 2007 World Games and she was in a wheelchair and looked feeble."

Shriver spoke to thousands of Special Olympians and family members at the games in China. She even took the time to come and meet Scott before he competed.

"I just feel because she was there and even with her health at the time she put every effort to make sure to be present and encourage others," said Frederic.

The Sieg family says Shriver's work has personally touched their lives and will continue to touch many others.

"She inspired a lot of us that these kids can so a lot of things and how meaningful it has been," said Frederic. Connie added, "I'm sure she'll have a huge outpour from people all over the nation for what she's done for our children because no one else will speak for them. She's done a wonderful thing with her family and they will continue her legacy."

The Sieg's say they received an e-mail from Shriver's son, Timothy, who is now the Chairman and CEO of the Special Olympics. In it, he talked about Eunice's great legacy and thanked the families of Special Olympians for being supportive during this time.

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