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200 new jobs coming to Columbus

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Although the job market may seem bleak, the valley is actually experiencing quite a bit of economic growth. News Leader Nine takes a look at how area businesses are creating brand new jobs around Columbus.

While many areas all over the nation are experiencing lay-offs and budget cuts, Columbus is actually moving the opposite direction.

Becca Hardin, the Executive Vice-President of Economic Development in Columbus, told News Leader Nine, "We are very fortunate in this part of Georgia because the west central part of Georgia has seen more activity than any area in the state right now. My counterparts in other areas are really hurting from an economic growth stand-point. We're continuing to see job growth which has a tremendous positive impact on the community."

The number of jobs is increasing even more since the lead-acid battery manufacturer, Exide Technologies announced 200 more jobs. "200 jobs in this economy means a lot. That means 200 folks will be able to better themselves. We got 34 million in capital investments, 200 new jobs, green technology, state-of-the-art technology and an existing company that's expanding. It doesn't get better than that," said the President and CEO of the Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce, Mike Gaymon.

But that's not the only business in the area creating new jobs. ATM manufacturer, NCR is still on track to open its doors in October. Hardin said, "They're bringing in equipment, they've got some offices already opened up. They've got two training classes going on and they've hired close to 50 people. They're doing everything they said they would and more."

And the new Kia automotive plant is still in the process of hiring in order to have cars rolling off the lines by November. The Director of Human Resources at Kia Automotive, Randy Jackson told News Leader Nine, "We're hiring about 75 to 100 jobs a week. As of Monday, we'll surpass 1,000."

With all these projects underway, Hardin says the job market should turn around a little sooner for Columbus, "It's going to be a fantastic project for people that live in that area and the people that work in that area."

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