Ghost hunt in Harris County

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WAVERLY HALL, GA (WTVM) - If you've ever wondered what goes "bump" in the night, a local investigation group may have the answer. News Leader Nine tagged along with Effigy Paranormal to a house that is supposedly haunted in Harris County.

The Adams family lives in a former stagecoach inn built in 1824. Since living in the home, they have experienced some strange occurrences.

Home owner Jimmy Adams explained, "My wife said that she has occasionally felt something behind her. In one particular instance the mailman came up and he made a comment that he saw someone behind her in the house when there wasn't anyone here but her. And we've had a friend over who has said he has seen something out in the hallway."

Because of these hauntings, they called Effigy Paranormal to investigate the home. The group's founder and director, Judy LaChance told News Leader Nine, "The process of the investigation, in short, is we come out after asking a few questions of the homeowners, family, manager, whoever it is. We do some base readings and take some photographs during the day. Then we'll turn out the lights and go in every room and kind of get a feel and do some readings and get some EVP. Our specialty really is EVP."

Electronic Voice Phenomenon, or EVP, is just one of the pieces of evidence LaChance says the group collects, "In the many years I've been doing this I have exactly three photographs that I know for sure are something paranormal and one piece of video footage. There's a lot of questionable material, but I guess if you can prove it, I'd be rich by now."

LaChance understand there are skeptics out there, but her group of investigators use scientific reasoning to prove, or disprove, the existence of something in homes, "I've seen too much and heard too much and have too much data to know there's something."

Effigy Paranormal has several investigations planned all over the area, including the Springer Opera House. For more information on their discoveries you can visit their website at

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