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Burglaries Have Communities Uniting

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - "This is where the police dusted for finger prints trying to see if they could find anything," says Haley Ethridge.

She's is a producer for WTVM.

While at work Monday afternoon,  burglars kicked in her door, ransacking the lower level of her home. Thieves got away with a TV and a laptop.

"I cover these kinds of things everyday and I never thought it would be my house, never," added Ethridge. 

Down the road in southeast Columbus, residents fill the Liberty Baptist Church, expressing their concerns to police. Many residents described the burglars as young and bold.

"We want to see a heavier police presence. We also want to see parents begin to take responsibility for the children," says Celeste Lee.

"There's apparently a common denominator in this neighborhood and that's juveniles and we're trying to address that," added Police Chief, Ricky Boren.

Chief Boren says detectives are investigating several burglaries throughout the city.

Boren promises more police visibility in the Battle Forrest Community and hopes this will lead to those bold burglars ending up behind bars.

"It's not just common in this neighborhood. We're having these problems all over Columbus. We've got special details out and we're focusing on car break ins and burglaries," says Boren.

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