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Good tips to help keep the bad guys out

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - "You need to take responsibility of your property because there are people out there that make a living by stealing from us," says Lieutenant Gil Slouchick.

And thieves are becoming more creative once they choose a home to burglarize.

Slouchick says bandits are hitting neighborhoods in groups.

He says the suspects are dropped off at the home they want to hit.

"They kick in the door and take everything and put it by the door. They'll call the suspects in the vehicle and they pull up in the yard to load the vehicle and they are in the yard about 30 seconds," he says.

Nate and Hayley Dukes know first hand the pain of cleaning up after thieves.

Someone broke into their home Monday afternoon.

A-COM Protection Services President, Mike Smith shows the couple a few things they can do to secure there home.

"If you use a dead bolt lock, make sure its steady to withstand someone kicking in it. You can also drill a hole where the double sashes meet on your window and put in a small pin and that gives your window the painted shut effect," says Smith.

Smith also encourages homeowners to leave a light or television on when you leave, to create the presence of someone being home and make sure your neighbors know your schedule. Columbus Police say a good neighbor is a nosey neighbor.

"We catch a lot of burglars by people in the neighborhood calling in and we'll go out and ride up on it. Don't think it can't happen to you, because anyone can be a victim of a property crime," adds Slouchick.

More Tips:
  1. Keep a record of serial numbers on all of your electronics.
  2. Use a different route when leaving and coming home.
  3. Keep the master bedroom lock.
  4. If you go out of town, have someone pick up your paper.
  5. Call police and report any suspicious activity going on in your neighborhood.

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