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Columbus Health Care Town Hall

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - Passions, anger and frustrations collide, as the healthcare debate comes to the Valley.

More than 500 people came to the National Infantry Museum Wednesday, as Congressman Sanford Bishop talked about the current legislation in front of the House of Representatives.

As the Congressman opened up the floor to questions, the same recurring themes came up--no big government, no more debt, and no federally funded abortions.

Many said if this legistlation is passed, they want the same healthcare that members of Congress recieved.

There was some support for the public option, but most people thought it would hurt their choice for doctors.

The congressman in some cases went page by page through the bill trying to answer specific questions, and there was some misinformation.

One attendee even asked about a microchip that would be implanted into people who used the public option...which was not true.

There were many supporters of healthcare reform, but the majority of people in the room either didn't want any overhaul of healthcare, or were very wary of any changes.

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