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Way to save on eyeglasses

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Our ConsumerWatch team has come across a few websites that will help you save when buying eyeglasses.

We found a pair of Polo frames that were $219 at LensCrafters for $113 on www.dreamshades.com - that's including shipping.

Some additional eyewear-comparison-shop sites are www.eyglasses.com and www.39dollarglasses.com.

While some online sellers will fill your prescription, if you have problem with their lenses you'll probably have to pay to mail them back and hope that the next version will be correct.

Instead, consider having the lenses made at a discount eyeglass center.

One Walmart Vision Center we checked charges $30 for basic plastic lenses, plus a $20 fee if you buy frames elsewhere.

ConsumerReports contributed to this report.

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