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"Shake and Bake" meth labs on rise around Valley

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(WTVM) - A smaller, quicker and easier way to make meth, literally anywhere you can fit a two liter plastic bottle.

Labs no longer take up whole houses or bathrooms--they can now be put in small mobile coolers, able to be cooked up anywhere, in less than 30 minutes.

"'Shake and bake' labs are relatively new...we were seeing red phosphorus labs, but now, they are taking stuff, throwing it in a backpack, and can go anywhere," said Investigator Mike Loyless, the head of the PAIN Narcotics Task Force in Russell County.

"It's easier to put in a duffle bag, and you can even do it going down the road in a car," said Captain William Grizzard, head of the Troup County Narcotics Unit.

Over the past five months, Russell County investigators have seen a 300% increase in these so called "shake and bake" labs.

Just this month, Troup County deputies arrested four people in what they say was a "shake and bake" operation in their home.

"I am afraid the way the economy is, more people are going to start making their own dope," said Capt. Grizzard.

"Most cooks are doing labs to support a drug addiction. They move from place to place and cook enough so them and their friends can get high," said Investigator Loyless.

Even though "shake and bake" labs involve smaller quantities and different tools and ingredients, they are still just as dangerous as other methods.

"The potential for fire or explosion is extreme. It is a violent reaction...when they do a cook, it looks like a lightning storm in a bottle," said Investigator Loyless.

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