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Deputies attacked during traffic-stop

Press Release  

QUITMAN COUNTY, GA - Two Deputies with the Quitman County Sheriff's Office were attacked and injured by bystanders while they were conducting a routine traffic-stop. The incident, which led to a small-scaled riot in Georgetown, occurred after Deputies stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation.

The vehicle pulled into a local convenience store where several subjects were gathered and as Sgt. Corey Mason and Deputy Jamie Ming were speaking with the occupants of the vehicle, they were physically attacked by six to eight adult males.

The Deputies called for assistance and officers from several surrounding agencies responded to assist them. During the incident, as many as 200 people poured into the streets in front of the courthouse and challenged the officers present.

Nine adults were taken into custody during the melee which lasted more than an hour and felony warrants have been issued for several individuals who physically assaulted the two Deputies.

"This incident was totally uncalled for. Individuals not involved were trying to make our business their business and it led to two of my Deputies being injured. When I arrived on the scene there were approximately 35 or more people surrounding the Deputies," said Sheriff Steve Newton.

More than 40 officers responded to assist Quitman County Deputies during what authorities called "a small scale riot". Officers from Eufaula Police Department and the Clay County Sheriff's Office were the first to arrive, followed by scores of other from multiple jurisdictions.

Several of those arrested were transported to area jails and are being held without bond.

"I can't express my appreciation enough to all those officers and agencies that responded to assist us. Thank God they came," added Sheriff Newton.

Further information and the names and charges of those arrested will be released later on Friday. The Deputies are currently being treated in an area hospital and are expected to be released later tonight or tomorrow.

Deputies and officers from several jurisdictions are still on the scene and will likely be in Georgetown overnight.

Source: Quitman County Sheriff's Office

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