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Tailgating on the Cheap!

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - From chips and dip to those boiled peanuts for your tailgate party.  It seems everything's on sale, but can you really save?

To get more tips on tailgating on the cheap, we enlist the help of Certified Personal Chef Carol Duncan.

Duncan's first piece of advice, start by shopping at home, in your own pantry, garden and freezer.

"You know you may have bought some chickens about a month ago that were on sale and you vacuum sealed them and froze them, that's a great starting point for a tailgate," says Duncan with Savory Solutions. 

Next, use ingredients that will go a long way.

"Beans and grains are really, really cheap and you can go to your health food store and buy them in bulk and you can put some more luxury items in there, like lobster or shrimp or something like that, that way you're stretching your protein," says Duncan.

Speaking of protein, Chef Carol says don't overdo it, because that's when things get pricey.

"A good rule of thumb is to have like three-fourths of a pound of bone in chicken per person or about a pound of bone in ribs per person, that way you're not overfeeding because at the end of the day, you're not going to want to take those leftovers home."

Another piece of advice, go ahead and stock up on items like snack crackers when they're on sale, because that can be used throughout the tailgating season.

The same is true for paper products, in fact, experts say don't bother wasting money on the fancy team stuff.

Chef Carol says even if you get a late start on planning, keep this in mind.

"The more work you do yourself, the cheaper it's gonna be!"

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