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Alabama expects to get large doses of H1N1 Vaccine

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WTVM) - Alabama is gearing up for its largest vaccination ever with 51,000 doses of vaccine to fight H1N1. State Health Officer Don Williamson made the announcement during a Monday press conference in Montgomery. Click here to watch the full press conference.
"We are opening the website for physicians and the health care providers on Tuesday to place orders for vaccines," says Williamson.  Alabama will use the ordering system to decide who gets the vaccine.  The first batch from the Centers for Disease Control will be the nasal spray. 

It's expected to arrive by Friday. Williamson adds that private physicians are at the top of the list to receive the mist. "Children are wonderful target groups for the nasal vaccines; pediatricians need 1000 of the doses," says Williamson.

For months now, The Russell County Health Department has been planning a "school vaccination" to help protect 9000 students from the influenza outbreak.  "Children school ages 5 to 6 years old in kindergarten will get the vaccinations. We will send home permission forms for the parents to fill out and it's voluntary," says Johnny Burell, Administrator at the Russell County Health Department.

No date has been set for school vaccinations.  So far, eight deaths in Alabama have been attributed to the swine flu.  To get your questions answered, call the free influenza hotLine @ 1-877-377-7285 or visit:

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