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Iraqis help train the Third Brigade

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FT. BENNING, GA (WTVM) - When we talk about soldiers on Ft. Benning training for deployment, it's usually with drills, weapons and tactics. But this week the Third Brigade is using their voices to prepare for combat.

Ft. Benning soldiers are prepared to battle it out in the field, so now combat advisors are teaching them to verbally "fight it out" in Iraq.

Lt. Col. Curt Hudson told News Leader Nine, "The particular mission we're working on today is what we call leader engagements where you work through an interpreter with an Iraqi-counterpart so you understand the differences in conducting day to day business with someone who doesn't speak your language or share your culture."

The teams of Majors and Colonels go through a ten day program learning how to better understand the Iraqi way of life.

"We worked on the guidance and the techniques of working with an interpreter, meeting an interpreter for the first time and how to develop teamwork and coming out with goals for the engagement," said Maj. Brad Nadig.

They first meet with the interpreter, work out a strategy plan, then meet with Iraqi professionals as part of the training.

Maj. Dwight Griffith added, "That's what I'm trying to take out of it -- the initial steps to make sure we communicate clearly what we want to accomplish and find out how we work as a team because we'll be working with those guys for 6 to 12 months at least."

The team is then scored and evaluated on how they interacted with the Iraqis and handled business.

Lt. Col. Hudson said, "It takes deliberate thought and practice, so how you use that interpreter becomes an extension of who you are and as a representative of the United States government, that's critical you understand the nature of that piece of your business."

When the Third Brigade deploys in a few months, this training will just add to the skills they take overseas.

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