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Double Dip on Energy Star Savings?

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Refrigerators, dishwashers, you name it, if it's got an Energy Star logo on it, Georgia residents won't have to pay tax on it during the first weekend in October.

"We'll have ceiling fans, thermostats, dehumidifiers, appliances," says Lowe's Barry Barrentine.

Plus, some stores will be offering additional discounts.   Lowe's is slashing another 10% off the sales price for Energy Star products October 1st-4th.

It's another way to get consumers in the door to spend their dollars.

"We're looking to see a good turn out here at the store," adds Barrentine.

In addition to the planned sales and the tax free savings, October is the same month the federal government is rolling out a new rebate program to encourage folks to swap their old appliances for new, more energy efficient ones.

So, could consumers possibly double dip on savings?

"Well, it would be certainly nice if both of those, the energy star, rebate, and the tax free holiday were running hand and hand with each other," says Barrentine.

However, it's likely not going to happen that way.  Retailers say information is still trickling in about the rebate program and some details are unclear.

Barrentine says the rebate program will be handled at the state level, and each has until October 15th to submit a plan to the federal government.

More than $300 million will be divided between the states based on those proposals and its population.

According to the Department of Energy website, Georgia's slated to get more than $9 million and Alabama, $4 million.

The same site reveals most of the money will be handed out by the end of November.

So while the rebate program and sales tax holiday may not exactly coincide, it looks like consumers will have two, separate opportunities to save.

Consumers may also want to consider energy tax credits.   The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 includes several incentives for folks to make their homes more energy efficient.

This includees things like certain attic and wall insulation, new central air conditioning systems and even certain windows.

Credits cover 30% of projects finished in 2009 and 2010, and up to $1500 per year for most projects.

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