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Deadly car crash promotes safe driving

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Police, fire and EMS crews and even the coroner were on hand Tuesday at a deadly car accident at the Columbus Civic Center. But no need to worry, it was only a re-enactment to show students the dangers of drinking and driving.

It was a sobering day for high school juniors as they gathered at the Columbus Civic Center for the 10th annual DUI re-enactment.

Valerie Fuller with the Muscogee County School District told News Leader Nine, "It's pretty graphic in nature, however, its reality. They'll get to visually see someone their own age, their peers, driving down the highway, texting, on the phone, and an accident that actually occurs and the repercussions of an accident and what it's like to deal with that and cope with that."

The Muscogee County School District teamed up with the health department, rescue crews and several other sponsors to put on the production.

"Teenagers today live in a shocking world and sometimes we have to get their attention in a shocking way and this certainly did. It was very emotional. I talked to students around me and asked 'is this going to make you think?' And they said yes. So I believe it had an impact on them," said Muscogee County Superintendent Dr. Susan Andrews.

After watching their peers being wheeled off in ambulances and a hearse, the teens took a minute to think about their choices.

Columbus High School junior, Evan Gill told News Leader Nine, "It was very good. It was the most intense field trip I've ever been on. It was very inspiring and motivating."

Kendrick High School student Victor Garcia added, "It took it beyond what you always see on t.v. The 'don't drink and drive' they actually showed how it goes."

Another Columbus High student, Lindsey Sellers, said, "It spoke to me much more than facts and figures would and I hope it changes the decisions we as a body make."

Alabama football great, Siran Stacy, also spoke to the group about how a drunk driver took the lives of his wife and four children.

"You bring it up front and you make it real to them so you hope that someone who is making those bad decisions turns around and starts making the good choices," Stacy shared.

Event organizers hope those good choices start today.

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