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Get the facts on the H1N1 pandemic

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - As more cases of the H1N1 virus spread, community organizations are making an effort to better educate the public about the flu.   

Pam Fair with the West Central Georgia Health District said, "We are in the midst of a flu pandemic and now we're seeing seasonal flu coming on board so that's why it's so important to practice washing hands, covering coughs and staying home if you feel sick."

Other than taking care of yourself at home, organizations are coming together to keep the public educated on H1N1.

"With the second wave of flu cases that the CDC is predicting with cooler weather approaching, we just think the time is right to unveil all the many ways the Red Cross is in the community," Mitzi Oxford with the local Red Cross told News Leader Nine.

The Red Cross is putting together an expert panel to answer H1N1 questions and help better educate the public on the pandemic.

Oxford added, "We don't want people to panic, but I know a lot of the information out there is very frightening and certainly WTVM has been doing an excellent job of educating people but that's the kind of thing that in a pandemic, you have to do on a daily basis."

And with that other wave of influenza cases, Fair says now seems like the perfect time to get the facts straight, "In April we began to see H1N1 sporadic in our health district but we began to see in August and September a spike in the number of cases and its going up and we're seeing more influenza-like illness."

The Columbus Red Cross is hosting a panel Friday from 11 am until noon at their location at 3940 Rosemont Drive.

The panel includes the Red Cross's emergency director, the health services chairman and an H1N1 expert.

For more details on the event or to get information for your family about H1N1, you can call the Red Cross at (706)323-5614 or visit their website at

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