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Fall Travel Deals

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  If you want to get away, now may be the time.  Travel experts say there are lots of deals and discounts available.

"As an example, Carnival Cruise Lines has all kinds of different discoumts depending on if you're a resident of Georgia or Alabama, if you're a senior citizen if you're retired military or active duty military," says AAA South Columbus Branch Travel Manager Roxanne Towler.

Airline flights continue to get slashed too.  Towler says, it's even better for those who don't have specific travel dates.

"So you need to watch it, you need to be flexible.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday are typically the lowest days to travel,"explains Towler.

Hotels and resorts continue their push to fill up rooms.

"Like if you went to Cancun right now, some of the hotels are 50% off, some have packages to Jamaica, we've got some that have $500 off on the airfare," Towler says.

We even noticed sales posted for high end travel on the site Luxury Link.

Towler says international travelers can take advantage of what's referred to as "shoulder season" in the industry.  It traditionally starts in September, after summer vacation and before the holidays.

The perfect time to avoid higher prices.

"In the summertime, it might have been $1200 to Frankfurt, now it's like $750," Towler says.  She also adds that it's less expensive to fly overseas Monday through Thursday.

For any trip closer to home, Towler says the travel industry recognizes consumers aren't planning that far in advance anymore.  So consumers should keep a look out for last minute deals.

"Best thing I can tell you is be flexible."

Some travel experts predict some of the deals we've seen from 2008 through 2009, may soon come to an end, especially with cruises.  Towler says that may be because cruise lines have adapted and are putting fewer ships in certain locations, so that leads to higher demand and higher prices in some cases.

As for holiday travel, experts say don't expect any major discounts there.  Folks still seem to hit the road when it comes to family.


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