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2009 Combatives Winners

2009 Combatives Team winners

1st           Ft. Campbell                        271 points

2nd          3rd ID                                  262

3rd           Ft. Riley                               248

4th           Ft. Lewis                             224        

5th           173rd ABCT                         207

6th           Ft. Benning                         197

7th           Ft. Hood                              186

8th           3rd SFG                               181        

9th           Ft. Knox                              170        

10th         75th Ranger Regt.              159

Flyweight (3rd and 4th) 
SSG Shawn Pretat Ft. Knox v SGT Grover Muirheid Ft. Campbell
Winner Muirheid by Submission

(1st and 2nd)
SGT Joe Clark Ft. Lewis v SSG Nate Ford Ft. Benning    
Winner Clark by Referee stoppage

Lightweight for (3rd and 4th)
CPT Kenton Stenrose Ft. Stewart SSG Keith Bach 3rd ID    
Winner Bach by Submition

(1st and 2nd)
CPT Neil Chitwood SROTC  Battalion, Capital University Bexley Ohio v CPT Ken Laird Ft. Carson
Winner Laird by Unanimous Decision     

Welterweight (3rd and 4th)
SFC Donnie Bowen Ft. Campbell v SPC Matthew McGee 3rd AVN CAB
Winner McGee by Referee Stoppage

(1st and 2nd)
SSG Michael Robinson Ft Jackson v SSG Pedro Lacerda 75th Ranger Regt.
Winner Lecerda by Submission

Middleweight (3rd and 4th)
SGT Raymond Pintor Tripler AMC v CPT Jonas Bray Ft. Benning
Winner Bray by Referee Stoppage

(1st and 2nd)
SGT Walter Bubenzer Ft. Knox v SSG Jacob South 95th DIV
Winner South by Referee Stoppage

Cruiserweight (3rd and 4th)
2lt Daniel Midget Ft. Benning v SGT Andrew McLauchlan 173rd  ABCT
Winner McLauchlan by Unanimous Decision

(1st and 2nd)
SSG Colton Smith 4/3rd IN Regt, Old Guard v LTC Larry McCord 160th SOAR
Winner McCord by Submission

Light Heavyweight (3rd and 4th)
SPC Guillermo Villa Tripler AMC v SFC Rich Miranda 3rd SFG
Winner Miranda by Submission

(1st and 2nd)
SFC Jared Roy Ft. Detrick v SSG John Gendron 75th Ranger Regt.
Winner Gendron by Forfeit

Heavyweight (3rd and 4th)
SSG Lonnie Kincaid Ft. Riley v SGT Ryan McCracken  Ft Hood
Winner Kincaid by Referee Stoppage

(1st and 2nd)
SSG Brandon Sayles 3rd ID v Nathan Freeman 3rd ID
Winner Sayles by TKO

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