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WTVM launches "Be There" campaign

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Not every parent can take time out of their busy schedule to work on lessons with their children, but there's a new campaign that will help capture those teachable moments when possible.

WTVM is teaming up with the Muscogee County School District to help parents "Be There". There's no instruction manual for being a parent, but a new campaign is making that job a little easier.

Valerie Fuller with the Muscogee County School District said, "What are you doing every day with your child that is a teachable moment? When you're out at the grocery store, at the mall, or taking a walk around the park, what is a teachable moment to connect with your child? We hope to bring some of those moments to light."

WTVM has teamed up with the Muscogee County School District to show the community how to "Be There"-- how to get more involved in your child's education without having to worry about where you are going to find the time or money.

WTVM's News Director, Anne Holmes explained, "I think in the news media we get judged a lot and we often hear responses from viewers about not doing any good news. When this project came across my desk it was a no-brainer. It's very rare that anyone has the opportunity to be a part of a project that could literally touch every person you come in contact with."

WTVM will play two roles in the campaign. First, we donated a large portion of advertising to the school district and "Be There". Holmes said, "The second thing is that every Wednesday at 5:30 you will see a story about "Be There" and teachable moments, how you can incorporate that into your household and into your everyday life."

The program essentially takes everyday events -- like shopping, cooking, or driving a car -- and shows parents how to turn those into lessons for their children.

"We understand how important parent involvement is. We just want to do something throughout the district and make an attempt at having parents come together and connect with kids," added Fuller.

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