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What do you need in a disaster

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Six Flags Over Georgia looks more like Six Flags under water.

Right now officials are warning residents of flooded neighborhoods to wait for the waters to recede before going back to their damaged homes.

Who knows what will be left behind, but experts say there are some critical items consumers shouldn't leave behind in case of a disaster.

"You should probably keep your homeowner's policy, your contact number for your agent, a listing of your finer possessions all in one location," explains State Farm Agent Connie Wilkes.

Wilkes says that way, it would be easy to grab and go if you had to leave the house in a hurry.

"It gives them an understanding of what is and what is not covered, where the limits are, who to call."

She also suggests having on hand items like an extra set of keys, your cell phone, even a change of clothes.

Wilkes says now's also a good time to take inventory of your possessions.

"We recommend that you take a camcorder and once a year, you camcord the rooms of your house, very slowly, panning, even your closets, even the drawers in your dresser."

Wilkes then suggests placing that recording in a fire resistant safe, maybe even away from your house so its accessible if disaster strikes.

"If there's a disaster and you have to vacate your premises, what would happen when it recedes and then somebody's running around your neighborhood, breaking into people's houses and taking their things."

Speak with your own insurance agent for more details, and ask them to set you up with a binder that includes all of your policies and important contact information.

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