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Beware of flood damaged vehicles

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Flooding like last week may no longer be a threat for the Valley, but the problems and potential scams that come with its aftermath certainly are.

This includes being on the lookout for vehicles damaged by flooding.

"It's important that you be aware of that, they may actually show up on the street corners, in somebody's yard or even used car lots," says local Better Business Bureau President Leonard Crain.

In fact, BBB officials across the state are warning residents about the possibility.

"Once those components are damaged by moisture or water, they may or may not work.  So, if they're working, they're working now while you're looking at the vehicle, but they may not be working later," explains Crain.

Crain says folks who are suspicious should take the vehicle to a mechanic they trust and ask them to specifically check the vehicle for flood damage.

Plus, experts say there are some signs consumers can look for on their own.

"You can look in the glove box, look in the trunk, look for water lines. Generally, those things are not easy to remove so, and there may be dirt or grit in the spare tire well."

Also, get a complete vehicle history report, and take a close look at the title.   You can determine if the vehicle came from a flood damaged area, or if it has been stamped "salvage."

Crain offers a warning for consumers who do decide to buy such a car.

"Just know that if you know it has been flood damaged that, also know and recognize that it can be quite expensive to make the repairs on the electronics."

In addition to those pricey repairs, experts say you're also taking the chance, that it simply may stop running all together.

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