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Energy Star Weekend Begins!

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - "I've had a few people come in already looking around at pricing on it and looking for the energy star weekend to start," says Lowe's Associate Jim Graybill.

"Phones start ringing early in the week, everybody's prepared, they know that it's coming," says Daniel Appliance owner Ron Daniel.

Retailers say they're ready for the crowd of consumers that will hopefully come with the Energy Star Tax Free weekend.

"It's a very big weekend for us, even more so that some of your traditional holidays like Memorial Day or Labor Day," Daniel says.

Shoppers can purchase items like washers, refrigerators, dishwashers even certain items with a water sense label tax free.

At some stores, though, the sales get even sweeter.

"We're also offering 10% on energy star appliances, we also have a credit special starting tomorrow, 12 months no payments or interest, or 10% off your appliance," explains Graybill.

Daniel is running a similar deal.  The store is offering 0% financing until 2011 on certain energy star appliances.  Plus, shoppers can use a rebate on some brands, up to $600.

If past years are a good indicator, retailers say this weekend will be a good one, despite the recession.

"With the recession it's gonna be a little bit different maybe, but a lot of people out there, they need appliances, they're gonna come get them," Graybill says.

"We're starting to see the last couple of months where consumers are getting out and beginning to have to purchase some of the necessities that they need, washer machines, refrigeration and I do anticipate that this weekend especially, the tax free holiday, that even more so, folks will be out shopping," adds Daniel.

The tax free weekend in Georgia runs Thursday through Sunday.  Click here for a list of qualified Energy Star products.

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