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Web Watch: Digging Yourself Out of Debt

From that mortgage to that car payment, credit card statement, or utility bill, digging yourself out of a pile of mounting debt can be a difficult task, especially during these rough economic times.

Yet, online, you'll find tools designed to not only help you cut wasteful spending, but guide you in paying down those bills and managing your money.

Blog sites such as "The Simple Dollar," "Get Rich Slowly," I Will Teach You to be Rich, offer advice and answers to commonly asked financial questions.

On "The Simple Dollar," Trent Hamm, the author of "365 Ways to Live Cheap," provides an everyday guide to living frugally by focusing on your relationship with money and providing cost cutting solutions such as making your own bread or laundry detergent

"Get Rich Slowly" and "I Will Teach You to be Rich" addresses personal finance topics such as bank rates and how to gain the most from investments.

When it comes to tracking budgets and spending, try some of the popular, free online services like Mint and Smartypig.

Other sites like Rudder.com, not only synchs your accounts in one place, but also forecasts your spending money. Clearcheckbook.com helps balance your check book.

And, the charts will tell the truth when you're over spending with Quicken's free online money management tool.

The Simple Dollar
Get Rich Slowly
I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Quicken's Free Online Tool

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