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Behind the yellow tape with the FBI and 3rd Brigade

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FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) -  It looked like a major crime scene- complete with federal agents and yards and yards of yellow tape.

But the scene set at a Fort Benning training site is all about giving 3rd Brigade soldiers tools they can use to fight crime and successfully complete their mission overseas.

"There was an American contractor that was kidnapped and then the Iraqi woman that reported the incident also believes that her husband could be involved in a group that has been making explosives targeting a coalition in Iraq forces," explained Major Joel Heath of the scenario officials used for the exercise.

It's a scene FBI agents say 3rd Brigade soldiers can use to help them train Iraqi police overseas.

"We're going from the very beginning of a particular crime, talking about the scenario- what are some of the key elements to be looking for in a particular crime scene, then going to that crime scene and looking for those items. We're also making sure that they can photograph and document what's there and then collect it in a manner in which it can be used in a court of law," said Special Agent David Whitlow of the FBI.

"So we're aware of procedures so when we're watching the Iraqis work, we'll have a general knowledge of how US law enforcement officials work in collecting evidence from a crime scene," said Major Heath.

"We as federal agents are concerned with the homeland but we're concerned about our soldiers overseas and it feels really good to be a part of that to help them in their mission while they're deployed overseas," Special Agent Whitlow added.

Groups of 3rd Brigade soldiers continue to deploy for a 12-month stint in Iraq.

More flights are scheduled for next week.

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