Welcome to West Georgia Orthodontics

Dear New Patient,

Orthodontic treatment offers the opportunity to achieve your best look. It produces a smile that allows you to go into every situation with your "Best Face Forward." That's why we say that "Smiles Are Our Business."
But improving appearance is only one aim of orthodontics. Another primary concern is promoting good health by straightening crowded teeth and correcting overjets and overbites.
Here at West Georgia Orthodontics we offer a full range of orthodontic services. Our office is conveniently located and offers  appointments scheduled to fit your busy lifestyle. In most cases, appointments are available early evening on an alternating schedule.
On the first visit, the Orthodontist will do a clinical and X-ray examination. She will explain the diagnosis and treatment plan. Fee estimates and payment plans will be quoted at this time. No fees are charged for the initial appointment and examination. THERE IS NO PAYMENT UP FRONT. The first payment is $218.00 and is for complete orthodontic pre-treatment records. Orthodontic pre-treatment records can be completed on your first visit in order to save you time and money (only $109.00 at the first visit).
The standard monthly payment is only $109.00 No interest is charged. Active treatment (wearing braces) usually lasts an average of 2 to 2 1/2 years. After treatment, the removable retainer and 2 year follow-up visits total $436.

We recommend a recent cleaning and dental exam for all patients considering orthodontic treatment. Once again, welcome to our practice. We look forward to meeting you in the near future.


Dr. Peggy H. Augustine