How to Handle Minor Emergencies

Loosening of Teeth

It is normal for your teeth to loosen during treatment. They must. so that the teeth can begin to move to their new position.

Loose Wire or Band

Sometimes a wire, band or bracket may come loose. If the wire protrudes and becomes irritating, it can be turned down with a blunt instrument like a pencil eraser or a spoon until repaired.
Soreness                                     .

A few days after the braces are placed, there might be a general soreness in your mouth.This discomfort can be relieved by rinsing the mouth with a warm salt water mouthwash or taking aspirin or other pain reliever. This soreness is expected and will soon go awayAs a general rule, an emergency appointment may be made if there is something sticking out that you can't take care of. Call our office as soon as a problem arises. It will be helpful if you can describe the loose or broken part.The diagram below will help you to identify the part of your appliance in question.