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Authorities: We're ready to expose perverts

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GEORGETOWN, GA (WTVM) -  According to police, some people are doing more than fishing at Georgetown's boat landing park.

They say complaints are pouring into their office about men meeting for oral sex in the park's public bathroom.

In May, News Leader 9 told you about how the Quitman County Sheriff's Department was receiving complaints about sexual activity in the park.

After the story aired and patrols increased, police tell WTVM things got better.

But now, they say more encounters are causing problems again.

"It's a shame that families can't go to our public parks anymore and enjoy them without some pervert lurking in the background.this is the kind of stuff we've been trying to stop. We put up a new partition here and within a couple of days, they'll already have it drilled out like this. They're doing it during the day. They're doing it in the afternoons," said Quitman County Sheriff Department's Chief Deputy Eddie Ingram.

Chief Ingram says many men hear about the secluded spot from websites- some travel up to a hundred miles to meet up.

"We're not going to take this lightly. We have families that visit this park daily. We had complaints recently where a 14-year-old boy has been hit on by a male up here," he said.

The Sheriff's Department is upping the ante, installing more hidden cameras and having plain clothed officers in unmarked cars monitor activity in the park.

"These are grown men usually between 40 and 70 years old. If they want to carry on acts like that or relationships like that, they can go to a motel but they're not going to do it in our parks. Many of these men are married with children and don't think you're not going to get exposed because we will expose you when we arrest you," Ingram said.

Police say anyone arrested in the park can also expect their name, photo and charges to be released to the public.

To report any sexual activity in the park, you can call the Quitman County Sheriff's Department at 229-334-3726.

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