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Columbus Police Officer Almost Run Over While Trying To Make An Arrest

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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - "The officer got out of the car and said step out of the car please."

One man saw it all go down Sunday evening, at the Super C food store on Buena Vista road in Columbus.

He didn't want his identity revealed in fear of others coming after him.

But, the eyewitness tells us, it all started when a man refused to get out of the car when police asked him.

"The guy rage at him, trying to run him over and the officer grabbed for his gun," he says.

He says he watched the suspect pin the police officer to his car.

"The officer was so lucky, because if he would have moved an inch to the left he would have been run over or dragged."

The witness says gun shots rang out.

"He took his gun and shot out the window and tried to get the driver to stop, but the driver was still going about a 100 miles per hour," says the witness.

He also tells us, a baby was in the car when the driver drove his truck away from gas station, later wrecking.

Columbus police have arrested Kevin Riser, 23, charging him with reckless conduct and running from police.

Reports show Officer Paul Grubb was the officer trying to make that arrest.

Police tell us Officer Grubb was not injured during the incident.

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