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Healing spring water uncovered after decades

By Laura Ann Sills - email

PINE MOUNTAIN, GA (WTVM) - "It's been a place of beauty and health, and it's been that way for quite some time," says Steven Stewart.

Stewart owns the land tucked away just minutes from Pine Mountain that was home of the White Sulphur Springs Spa before the land was left to deteriorate.   

The Spa had some impressive names on the register: Oscar Wilde, the Rockafeller family, and President Franklin D Roosevelt. FDR held his annual possum supper there in 1930.  And, in 1864 it was used as a hospital during the Civil War.  But, it wasn't the grand hotel and casino that brought in people, it was the water.  Sulphur water may not sound appealing, but the H2O doesn't have a smell or taste and it's full of vitamins and minerals. People who drink the water every day claim the water has the same healing powers it did 80 years ago when F.D.R visited the Springs.

Stewart has been surprised by what's happened since people have started drinking the water, "What the indians said about the water is that it would reportedly cure any ailment. So, we've had some kind of strange health benefits coming out of this water."

There are reports of diabetes under control, acid reflux gone, and hearing loss reversed.  Here are some of the testimonies: Barbara H. Branford has been drinking the water for a year.  "I do a lot of things I couldn't do since I've been drinking the water. I be able to cut my grass, put down carpet, paint, whatever I need to do"  And Louise Brown of Woodberry says, "In about a month I was walking and now I can walk a mile.  I don't have any pains."

For all you skeptics, Stewart had the water tested by scientists at the University of Georgia and they found large amounts of calcium, magnesium, silica and other elements that can help with a number of ailments. It also has a high Ph, coming in at 8.1.

People who drink the water don't think about what's in it, they say it's their belief that makes it magical.  "If you don't believe in it, it ain't going to help you," Louise Brown.  Over 200 people visit every week to fill up their jugs.

For more information on its history: Meriwether White Sulphur Springs website.   

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