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91 Year Old Rape Victim Testifies

OPELIKA, Ala. (WXTX) - Wednesday afternoon a 91-year old Opelika woman testified against the man she said broke into her home and raped her.

Confined to a wheelchair, 91-year old Annie Hilyer broke down only once as she testified against the man she says raped her. When asked if her attacker was in court, Hilyer nodded yes and pointed in the direction of the defendant, 42-year old Anthony Vines.

Hilyer testified she was living alone in Opelika on September 9th when Vines knocked on her door asking if he could cut her grass. She said no, but instead of leaving, Hilyer says Vines broke through her chained door, knocking her down, then carried her to a bedroom where he raped her. When she was asked to describe what Vines allegedly did to her during the rape, she broke down. After the attack, Hilyer says Vines asked her for a cup of coffee, then took her gun and the battery to her cordless phone so she could not call police. When Vines left, Hilyer drove to her nephews house for help.

"She was crying hard and shaking I had to get her to calm down before I could hear what happened. She said she was raped," stated Hilyer's nephew, Preston Arwood.

In opening arguments the prosecution stated they have DNA linking Vines to the rape as well as Hilyer's cordless phone battery, recovered by police where Vines was living. The gun has not been found.

During her testimony Hilyer appeared clear, composed and confident. After she was done, the detective in the case, patted her arm and squeezed her hand, then she was wheeled out of the courtroom.

Testimony will continue Thursday in the rape case. We do not know if Vines will take the stand in his own defense. We do know if convicted of rape and burglary, he faces a possible life in prison sentence.

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