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Parachute jump team to perform for WWII Veterans

Press Release

FORT BENNING, GA - The Liberty Jump Team will perform for about 40 World War II veterans during the 1st Battalion, 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment Reunion Oct. 22 from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Fryar Drop Zone.

The reunion is for all past, present and future paratroopers and will honor the veterans' airborne accomplishments and involve them in the battalion's activities, building the bond between soldiers of the battalion and the veterans.

The Liberty Jump Team members are commemorative jumpers who perpetuate the remembrance of both World War II veterans and other military veterans.  The team consists of active duty, retired and international servicemembers and civilians.  It was formed in 2006.

The team jumps from vintage C-47s, most of which were used during World War II to transport U.S. paratroops to D-Day landings, according the team's Web site.  Many of the paratroopers perform in World War II uniforms, but some jump wearing their own service jump-uniforms.  The team members use static lines and military, steerable, round canopy parachutes.

The public is invited to watch the Liberty Jump Team.  The reunion for the World War II veterans will continue through Oct. 25.

Source: Fort Benning Office of Public Affairs

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