Real haunted house in Columbus

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - With Halloween right around the corner many people are looking for a place to get a good scare, but it's not witches and goblins some are finding.

News Leader Nine tagged along with Effigy Paranormal to investigate some strange happenings in a vacant south Columbus home.

With shaking hands and weak knees News Leader Nine tagged along with Effigy Paranormal to investigate possible ghosts in a vacant Columbus apartment.

Founder of Effigy Paranormal, Judy LaChance told News Leader Nine, "I don't know if there are any specific concerns besides they've heard some noises and things like that. I do know there was allegedly a murder here and she wanted us to come check it out."

LaChance brings a team with her to take down room temperatures and photograph the space before attempting to contact the possible spirits, "I brought my medium with us so hopefully if there is someone in here, she can find out who it is and why they're here."

The medium, Tina Rexach, let us put a microphone in her while she described what she sees and hears inside the haunted home, "Screaming and yelling and chasing and really, really, creepy things. It's a fear for their lives kind of thing. It feels like kids and an older man."

Some of those noises and bumps can be backed up by people who live and work around the apartment.

"There's been movement on the stairs and because there is an establishment right behind it, you can hear people walking around during the day, not just at night," said LaChance.

During the investigation we didn't see anything out of the ordinary, but there were a few bumps and creaks and a very distinct eerie feeling.

Rexach said, "I feel like [the spirit] doesn't belong to the house but it will scare you at night. It will come in here on purpose and scare you."

Effigy Paranormal uses pictures, sightings, and electronic voice phenomenon to support or deny paranormal activity. Once they gather all the evidence, they put together an official report to give to the homeowner.

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