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Mayor's vision of crime prevention director on back burner

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - You could see the frustration on Mayor Jim Wetherington's face.

"This waffling is what's causing the frustration," says Pops Barnes.

 After a show of hands, 5 council members voted in favor of the Director of Crime Prevention position, while 4 members voted against it, making the vote inconclusive.

"I'm very disappointed that we just get wrapped around the axel on this," added Barnes.

He's one of the 5 who voted yes for the position.

Evelyn Pugh, explained to the board she supports crime prevention, just not in the form of a crime prevention director. She and Councilman Glenn Davis shared the same concerns.

"It's just disappointing, everyone says they're for crime prevention, but when it comes a to a vote, they weren't here tonight," says Crime Commission Chairman, Frank Myers.

At one point during the meeting, some members of the board suggested they vote on the the crime prevention board and not the director, which frustrated the Mayor even more.

"I just can't imagine having a board with no director," adds Wetherington.

"Why would the vote for the director not pass and that's disturbing to me," says Barnes.

 The result of Tuesday evening's meeting, the mayor put the vote off indefinitely until further notice.

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