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Why did Columbus Council vote against mayor's proposal

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Mayor Jim Wetherington's Director of Crime Prevention proposal fell short one vote from passing Tuesday night.

Frank Myers was the Chairman of the Crime Prevention Committee that help put the proposal together with the Mayor. Myers described the vote as disappointing.

"I don't even have a sound bite for you. You will have to ask the council members. How will you have a board and no director," he says.

WTVM caught up with two of the council members who voted against the position.

We spoke with councilman Glenn Davis who says he thinks the proposal is backwards and needs more organization, but mainly he doesn't agree with the pay grade of the position.

"I think the council is concerned with the components of these various parts is going to be put in front of us. We need to do it right instead of coming back," says Davis.

Councilwoman Evelyn Pugh was also very opinionated in Tuesday's meeting.

She says she voted the position down because there's already crime prevention programs in place.

Pugh suggest the city puts more money into those programs and monitor them for 6 months.

Pugh is one of the council members who is in support with having a crime prevention board and not a director.

We asked councilman Davis what did the ordinance need to win his vote.

"If the pay grade is lowered, I will vote yes," says Davis.

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